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Emma Loves: B Corp

Emma speaks about what it means to her to be a B Corp company.

Around the Easter Table

Ideas For Decorating Your Home And Table at Easter Oh the delight of an Easter table, set with riotously patterned pottery and scattered with mini...

Female-founded B Corps to Know & Love

In celebration of International Women's Day & B Corp Month, discover some of our favourite female-founded B Corps -  from brilliant knickers and problem-solving skincare to ...

Behind the Design: Golden Tulips

This season we have created a beautiful spongeware design, Golden Tulips. We share the story behind the pattern and its creative development.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here is where it all started - with Emma’s search for the perfect piece of pottery to take home to her own beloved mother. Unable to find what sh...

Royal Collection Archive

For 200 years the Staffordshire Potters have made beautiful wares to commemorate Royal events: from the kilns of Minton and Wedgwood and hundreds o...

World Book Day

World Book Day is round the corner - this year the date for dressing up your primary school children as their favourite fictional characters (and plasterin...

Valentines Handmade Presents

Pretty, folkloric patterns of hearts and animals make us feel nostalgic for an era when possessions were hand-decorated, and passed on and cherished through the generations.

Valentine Recipes

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky affair; if you possibly can, spend it at home together, strictly devoid of public displays of affection.

Culture Vulture: Things to do this Winter

Let’s try not to see this month as a dreary lull between winter and spring, but more of a time to cocoon ourselves in culture, and maybe visit the odd open...

Behind the Design: Lovebirds

Discover what's behind the design of our new Lovebirds collection.