Spot The Difference: Pattern Guide

Spot The Difference: Pattern Guide

Discover some of our classic Emma Bridgewater patterns.

These bestselling, perennial Emma Bridgewater designs, such as Polka Dot, Pink Hearts, and Toast & Marmalade, have been lovingly hand crafted and decorated at our UK factory since they were created.

So, which pattern to pick? A birthday celebration, a dinner party, working from home or a wedding anniversary, there's a perfect pattern to match every occasion or moment.

Mix and match your favourite pieces from each collection and create a table scape, dresser, or kitchen cupboard that's uniquely yours. 


Polka Dot brings joy and cheer to every morning cup of tea, with a simple design and generous splash of colour that is a nostalgic nod to the '60s and a livener for any day.

Our colourful dots are now spotted over all sorts of things, from mugs to oven mitts, bowls to mixing stands! This pattern is a must for an afternoon tea, a birthday celebration, or a cosy cuppa for one.


Our Toast & Marmalade collections showcases a distinctive and bold lettering. 

Start your day with a buoyant greeting. From fun quotations to wonderful witticisms our timeless Toast script makes a must have for breakfast time, teatime, or any time.

Since first created, our Black Toast collection has expanded from Black colour wording to include pink, purple and scripting in the colour of the rainbow. For a breakfast that is easy like Sunday morning, mix and match with our Rise & Shine collection. 


Our happy and hopeful pattern Pink Hearts has become a much-loved favourite in the heart of many homes!  

Send a special gift to mum with a Pink Hearts Mummy mug, surprise a tea lover with a Pink Heart Russell Hobbs kettle or deliver some love with a Pink Hearts mug. Mix your Pink Hearts with our Flowers mugs and send a colourful bunch.


Don't be scared of the creepy crawlies, they all play a vital role in keeping your garden in tip top shape. Especially the bees flying from flower to flower. Bees are vital to our planet, and yet their population is in steady decline. Menaced by habitat loss and climate change, and plagued by pollution, these highly evolved custodians of our environment need as much help as we can give them. Take a look at our Bumblebee collection and see if anything gives you a Buzz! 


Now you have got acquainted with our Classics, why not take a look at the many other patterns... Whether you are an animal-lover, a keen-birdwatcher, or a brillant botanist! We have a collection that you'll love... 

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Fruit & Vegetable patterns: featuring hand-painted strawberries, tomatoes & figs + many more from the allotment Shop Vegetable Garden

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