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Summer Reads: The Drinks Menu

As the gentle summer evenings encourage us to linger a little longer at the table... have you mastered the art of making a decent cocktail yet?

In Praise Of Honeybees (And Beekeepers)

Bees are vital to our planet, and yet their population is in steady decline...

Spot The Difference: Pattern Guide

Discover some of our classic Emma Bridgewater patterns...

NHS Charities Together

This Nurses Day we are celebrating the vital work of NHS Charities Together, who provide extra support and services to care for NHS staff, patients and the community.

Hooray for No Mow May

Sit back and watch the flowers grow...

April Reads: Gardens & Beyond

Celebrate World Earth Day with our compilation of the best books about, or inspired by, gardens and gardening.

Commemorative Pottery & Souvenir Gift Ideas

Discover the perfect commemorative keepsakes

Coronation Decoration and Table Setting Ideas

Bring out the bunting and close the roads - it's time to prepare for the Coronation.

Planting, Growing, Harvesting & Eating Chillies

Chilli relish, jam or jelly? There's nothing more satisfying than growing and eating your own.

How to Throw Your Coronation Street Party

As we get together to toast the Coronation of King Charles, let’s get together for a good old street party.

Coronation Recipes

Bring a platter of sandwiches or tray of cakes, and encourage some competitive decorating. Think miniature flags, artful arrangements and get ...

Seasonal Recipes

We have picked a few soup recipes using produce that's in season at this time of the year.