Rices Church Primer
Rices Church Primer Rices Church Primer

Rices Church Primer

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The countryside, towns and cities of Britain are full of churches. They represent some of the most iconic, beautiful and occasionally bizarre buildings in the country. They have a lot to say about our history, our art and our ideas. But how do you read them? Through charming illustrations, Rices Church Primer reveals the basic grammar and vocabulary of church architecture throughout the United Kingdom.

As Matthew Rice says, Once you can speak any language, conversations can begin, but without it communications can only be brief and brutish. The same is the case with Architecture: an inability to describe the component parts of a building leaves one tongue-tied and unable to begin to discuss what is or is not exciting, dull or peculiar about it.

With Matthew Rices elegant and witty illustrations to guide you, suddenly youll understand why naves are necessary, why towers are built as tall as possible and why sometimes even the most respectable church needs a good flying buttress.

“Charming, wittily illustrated ... Definitely one to slip into the glove apartment” – Saga

“The words are as engaging as the illustrations, for Mr Rice is a wordsmith as well as a penman, and manages, through both skills, to bring an understanding of the development of church architecture within reach of any reader whose depth of ignorance is matched by the breadth of their curiosity.” – Alan Titchmarsh, Sunday Telegraph

“The text is short, engaging and spiced with opinions…But it’s really Mr Rice’s drawings that dominate this book” – Country Life

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