Set the Scene for an Eerisistible Halloween

Set the Scene for an Eerisistible Halloween

Prepare for an eerisitable Halloween with our new Halloween Collection.

‘Tis time to prepare a magical feast for the midnight hour when witches on brooms shall fly high, hosts of ghosts create havoc and pumpkins on the table grin wildly. May your imagination take flight and your soul remain firmly on the ground...

Plates for Beastly Baking

Serve up biscuits iced with spooky faces on a Halloween Biscuits Tea Plate and get ready for friendly ghosts and scaredy cats by popping by. 

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Nasty Napkins & Table Runner

Our new Midnight Pumpkin Napkins and Table Runner are rather bewitching additions for your Halloween table. Why not place a line of lit pumpkins along the length of your table runner for a spooky spread?

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Mugs for Magic Potions

Find the plumpest pumpkin possible and settle down to a happy hour of carving with tea - or even something boo-zy - in your very own mug.

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Bowls of Magic

Wave your magic wand and let bowls replenish themselves with never-ending treats!

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