Royal Collection Archive

Royal Collection Archive

For 200 years the Staffordshire Potters have made beautiful wares to commemorate Royal events: from the kilns of Minton and Wedgwood and hundreds of smaller works, the mugs poured out to adorn mantelpieces all over the world.

Emma Bridgewater are very proud to be a part of that tradition and to be celebrating our, King Charles III.

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Take a trip down memory lane by looking through some of our Royal collections through the years.

Emma Bridgewater Royal Archive

Through The Years

Diamond Jubilee

For the 2012 Diamond Jubilee we released two celebratory mugs. The spongeware design features a decorative crown and horns in blue and white, while the litho design reads '60 Years A Queen - Steadfast & True' in our classic Toast & Marmalade script. 

Diamond Jubilee 2012 Emma Bridgewater

60th Anniversary of the Coronation

To mark the Queen's coronation anniversary we released a special 2 handled mug, first launched as part of Toast & Marmalade in 2013, it's adorned here with purple scripting.

60th Anniversary of the Coronation 2013 Emma Bridgewater

The Royal Children

A spongeware mug to celebrate the youngest of William and Catherine's children launched in 2018, one of three 1/2 pints commemorating the next generation of hiers. For the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, we created a special 'Baby Crown' ornamental piece.


Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday

A unicorn and a lion flank a Black Toast scripting of '90 Elizabeth' on this litho mug design. While, trumpets line the inside of this limited edition spongeware design - both to honour the Queen's birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday 2016 Emma Bridgewater

God Save The Queen & The Crown Jewels Collections

Our much-loved God Save The Queen mug was first designed in 2019 and brought back for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year.  
 The Crown Jewels collection depicte three emblems of royalty - the crown, orb and sceptre.


Platinum Jubilee

Earlier last year we brought out a lovely and bright collection for the Platinum Jubilee - it had everything needed to host a garden party to remember. 

Platinum Jubilee 2022 Emma Bridgewater

Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II

We payed homage to some of the most magical happenings during Her Majesty’s life with our commemorative collection for Queen Elizabeth II.


A Royal Visit

We were delighted when the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited us at our Stoke-on-Trent Factory years ago. We look forward to celebrating the coronation this May across our factory to welcome our new, King Charles III.