Hedgerow Collection

Hedgerow Collection

Our new Hedgerow collection celebrates the beauty of autumn hedgerows. As summer wanes and autumn appears, country lanes begin to burst with hips, haws and berries. Get ready for mornings foraging along nearby lanes, gathering family up for long walks through the woods and tea outside in the mellowing sun.

Rosehip & Elderberry

Get ready for a morning foraging some Autumn loveliness; bundles of twiggy foliage, blackberries for jam and jelly-making and rose hips for tea preserving or syrup making. 


 Behind The Design 

This season our designers have created a beautiful Spongeware pattern combining the hips from wild roses with elderberries, with a scattering of song thrushes ready to forage.

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Grow your collection

 Intertwine Rosehip & Elderberry with our new Blackberries and Birds to grow a lively hedgerow of your own or mix and match with last year's Rowan pattern for table bursting with Autumn abundance.



High Flyers

Starlings, Robins, Chaffinchs and House Sparrows have kindly joined us, taking time out from their murmurations – extraordinary feats of co-ordinated flying before finally descending into favoured trees, reed beds and other conducive spots.


If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

...be sure to pack a picnic surprise! 

While foraging on your autumn walks what animal friends will you see? You'll find all types of woodland wilderness on our new In The Woods Collections. 




Small Creatures

Look out for old friends and new this autumn, from a shy hedgehow at the bottom of the garden to a hopping happy hare...

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