Liberty Exclusive Pattern

This Autumn we have created two patterns exclusively for Liberty; Velvet Dahlias and Deep Purple Hellebores. Below, our Founder and Creative Director, Emma Bridgewater, shares the stories behind these beautiful patterns.

Deep Purple Hellebores

“My grandmother was a really good gardener, a skilled plantswoman and maker of several beautiful gardens in her lifetime. From her I learned to love Hellebores, as she said it was vital that you could pick a bunch of flowers from your garden on every single day of the year, and planned her own gardens so that she always could! In the colder months of the year, this gets much harder, and like her, I love that these beautiful subtle flowers come out when there’s practically nothing else available. Hellebores are available in an ever-widening colour palette, but the best are those in shades of purple- and in this version of our classic design, coloured especially for Liberty in deepest, richest tones has all the thrill of this secret winter flower.”

Velvet Dahlias

“Dahlias and chrysanthemums blaze in our gardens in the autumn, and their glorious rioting colours are endlessly thrilling. In this design we’ve chosen all the deepest darkest richest hues to make a bold effect: mix this with Deep Purple Hellebores for pleasing harmony.”

Our Velvet Dahlia pattern is available as a Large Old Bowl (£49.95), Medium Oval Platter (£59.95) and 10.5 Inch Plate (£19.95) while our Purple Hellebore is available in a Half Pint Mug (£19.95), 8.5 Inch Plate  (£17.95) and a Half Pint Jug (£19.95). Shop the collection here. (insert hyperlink

Both patterns are available exclusively in-store and online at Liberty.