How I live now: Coffee accessories

Personally I make coffee using a filter, and I have a grinder so the taste is as big as possible- but after that I’m maybe travelling in the opposite direction to most coffee aficionados. I have my back to the coffee pod craze, as I try to have as little equipment as I can- fiddly gadgets always end up at the back of the cupboard.

My coffee pots on the other hand fill several shelves, and some come into use fairly often.

The enamel pots are obviously great for campfire cooking, whilst the tall thin ( ugly!!) pots from the 1960s are particularly loved, as most of them were presents from my father in law Peter Rice, and sad to say, he is now playing sweet mild jokes on the angels. We both felt a pang for their ungainliness, and the thought that they dated from the arrival of Nescafé and call to mind Ercol furniture - and best of all they made my mother in law shriek in horror.

I like re-heating leftover coffee, with milk added, in a heavy pan ( don’t boil it!) then warming a choice coffee pot to serve it in. With EB mugs, of course.