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How I live now: Fish on Fridays
Emma says: In an earlier age, the church required that believers abstained from eating meat on fridays, to remind them of. God, and the sacrifices he made for us. So fish was regular friday fare for all, as it did to conform, and. I guess that this custom may have caught on because it wasnt too painful a way of signalling that you were one of the gang.

But abstinence is definitely not what i have in mind when I think about fish on fridays, because right now I am thinking with focus, determination and anticpatory glee about the fact that after weeks and weeks of home cooking (I am not complaining, just there's so much of it) in fact 7 weeks in, an enterprising local family are offering fish and chips to order, to be collected at their kitchen window at the appointed time, 8.15pm tonight for us...and i simply cannot wait.