Festive Feasts: Gooseberry Chutney & Cheese Toastie

The ultimate comfort food and a firm family favourite, the simple cheddar cheese toast with a spiced chutney twist.


Couple of handfuls of Gooseberries, Red Onion, Apple, Cup of Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Ginger, Raisins, Cardamon Pods, Coriander Seeds, Sourdough Loaf, Cheddar Cheese, Mayonnaise, Butter.


      • Add gooseberries into a pan (we kept ours in the freezer after picking them late in the summer)

      • Add a splash of water and cook on a medium heat until they start to soften

      • Add a finely chopped red onion, a roughly diced apple, cup full of sugar, good slosh of red wine vinegar, a couple of cardamon pods and coriander seeds (crushed in a pestle & mortar)

          • Bring to the boil and cook down until you get a nice syrupy chutney – this can take around an hour and a half. If you don't want to keep your eye on the hob, you can pop it in the oven at 180°C with the lid on, let is reduce and then bring it back to the boil on the hob to remove any excess water to thickening it back up.

          • Towards the end of cooking, add a handful of raisins and grated ginger.

          • Leave to cool

            • Take two slices of sourdough bread and add butter to one slice and spread the chutney on the other. Place cheese over the chutney, close the sandwich and cont it with mayonnaise. This gives a nice brown crust.

            • Cook in a non-stick pan, flip both sides.