Emma's Edit: Spring Collection

Emma's Edit: Spring Collection

January and February can feel awfully long and hard - the days are still short, the ground is wet and muddy and although we know spring to be around the corner… it is not yet with us!


Snowdrop walks are a consolation and I love our Snowdrop mug very much, finding I reach for it pretty much every morning for my first cup of tea.

We have been making mugs decorated with digitally repeating birds since 1993 and I still love them! Currently I find the Kingfisher most cheering, with his stunning bright colours. But frankly I really wish that either Matthew or I had kept one of each bird since then!!

While winter drags it’s feet, we can plunge into delightful, sunshiny spring wildflowers with Bluebells and perhaps best of all - Buttercups and Daisies. This one is my dream come true; I wanted these darling little flowers to recall the joys of childhood games and picnics on the grass. I’m cornering for myself a gorgeous collection of small mugs in all our wildflower designs, as perfect illustrations for the widening conversation about preserving biodiversity.


The favourite Hen on Nest piece will be available decorated with Buttercups and Daisies this year and I won’t be able to resist this for Easter, it’s a must.

Wildflowers are scattered not just across our pottery- look out for beasts birds and bugs!- but also on other products. I’m wild about the embroidered napkins, and the table runner - they are just soooo pretty!

Last but not least I must inevitably have our appliqué cotton quilt - what a thrill – launching very soon.