Emma Bridgewater's Marmalade Pudding Recipe

Why not use one of your precious jars of homemade marmalade to make a Marmalade Pudding. A perfect pick-me-up to enjoy with your family in the chilly winter weather. Try Emma's Marmalade Recipe here.


4oz (or 125g) White sugar
4oz (or 125g) Soft butter
2 Medium eggs
Vanilla essence (optional)
185g (roughly half a jar) Marmalade
Custard or cream to serve


1. Make a standard sponge batter by beating together the white sugar with the butter.
2. Gradually add two eggs, beating, plus optional drops of vanilla essence.
3. Grease a pudding bowl and put half a pot of marmalade into the bowl.
4. Scrape the batter into the bowl on top of the marmalade.
5. Put a tin foil hat on the pudding bowl, squeezing it tight under the rim. I no longer faff about with string, and it’s always ok!
6. Place the silver-hatted pudding bowl into a capacious saucepan and pour water in carefully till it comes a couple of inches up the side of the bowl.
7. Simmer the pudding for 2 hours, being careful to top up the water bath! Don’t let it boil dry - that’s a disaster…
8. After 2 hours using oven gloves lift bowl from saucepan, remove the lid, run a knife around to loosen the pudding, clap a medium EB dish over the bowl a swiftly invert. Be careful - that marmalade is hot!

Serve with custard or cream, or both…