Dog Lover’s Gift Guide

Dog Lover’s Gift Guide

Present ideas for dogs and dog lovers

Is it their unquestioning adoration, their complete lack of judgment, or their unbridled enthusiasm for the mundane? Whatever your dog brings to the party, their faith and devotion is one of life’s great pleasures.

Personalised Dog Bowls

New patterns in our much-loved ceramic dog bowls, personalised by you, hand painted by us. As nice to look at as they are to use (your four-legged friend will agree). 

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Mugs that match your pup

 Put up your feet post dog-walking with a tea or coffee in your illustrated mug. Can you spot your pup below?

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Here’s to life’s simple pleasures...

From storage tins to hold your pet's favourite treat, to doormats for wiping muddy paws (yours and theirs), to our new Dogs In The Woods Chilly's bottle and coffee cup to take with you on long Sunday walks.

Tins & Food Storage

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Decorative Door Mats

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Chilly's x Emma Bridgewater - Metal Water Bottles & Coffee Cups

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Polka Dogs

Get your paws on these! A twist on our iconic Polka pattern, we’ve created a range of Polka Dogs pieces to gift.