Damson Jam Recipe

Delicious home-made jam generously spread onto crusty, warm toast – there’s nothing quite like it to sweeten up even the bleakest of Autumn mornings. Damsons make a tasty alternative to strawberry jam and the fruit is best in September, so why not tuck into our Damson Jam Recipe below. Why not pour into our Jam Jars? This would make for an excellent gifts for foodies and sweet-tooths alike!

1kg (2.2lbs) damsons
1.25kg (6 cups) jam sugar
250ml (1 cup) water

First, stone the damsons with a cherry pitter and rinse them well under a tap and drain.
Place the damsons, jam sugar and water in a large saucepan. Then slowly heat while stirring, letting the sugar slowly dissolve in the water and damson juices.
Bring to and leave on a rolling boil for 15 minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on the pan, keep stirring the sauce to prevent it sticking and burning!
Remove from the heat and test the jam. E.g. Take a small dollop of jam onto a cold saucer and cool.
To test whether to setting point has been reached, lightly push a clean finger into one side of the jam. You’re looking for wrinkles in the form on the jam. If no wrinkles have formed, bring the pan back to the boil for a further 2 minutes. Repeat this process until the desired wrinkles form.
This recipe yields 5 x 370ml (1lb) of delicious jam!