Behind The Design: Strawberries

Behind The Design: Strawberries

Behind The Design: Strawberries

Let take a trip down memory lane and re-discover our Strawberries patterns through the ages. See our strawberry sketches, sponged samples and more.


Strawberries Synopsis

We LOVE English Strawberries. Strawberries are what we call ‘a forever pattern’ equipped with all the basics, to make every day summery and delicious. We think this favourite summer treat mixes well with messages of love and affection - as we remember childhood days of picking them straight from the vine. When was the last time you visited your local Pick Your Own?

This year we’ve paired our Strawberries pattern with some wisely worded Black Toast pieces. 

See a few pieces of yester-year below... our famous Black Toast was tickled pink and paired with purple on this I Love Strawberries and Cream plate AND check out our sponged Wild Strawberries adorning this sugar pot. 


On the berry edge

Our design team take the beautifully drawn strawberries and place them on to our handcrafted earthenware plates (and more!) with parts of the pattern dropping off the edges.


Strawberry Stories

I spent countless childish days picking strawberries, raspberries and red currants in the garden, and blackberries out in these same fields…

— Emma

In British Summer time, the delicious strawberry is a favourite treat, begging to served up with cream, or chopped and dropped into a generous sized jug of Pimms… or both. We want to celebrate them and all things associated:  Wimbledon, summer puddings, jam making, scones… how do you enjoy yours?

Set the table, pull out the picnic blankets and rustle up some strawberry-centric treats.