4 Tips for Creating a Cosy Reading Corner

Turn a space at home into a cosy reading corner and enjoy moments (& whole afternoons) lost in a good book. What could be better than spending a weekend or evening, taking a book off the shelf, getting comfortable on the sofa and enjoying your reading list with a warm cup of tea.


1. Make sure your reading corner is well-lit

Remember days staying up late using torches or phone lights to illuminate your favourite reads under the covers?

Fill up your new reading corner with candlelight, fragrance and loveliness! Take your pick with our selection of glass and wood candle holders and keep on reading into the night.


2. Don’t forget your cuppa!

The perfect cup of tea is essential to an afternoon curled up in your reading corner. Make sure you have a suitable mug, and safe flat surface to keep that mug!


3. Add a touch of nature by adding plants to your book nook

Plant a seed! Flowers and plants are a great aid in relaxation and helps decrease anxiety. They also help increase attentiveness and memory, thus enhancing the reading experience.


4. Enhance your reading spot with some animal company

There’s nothing better than having your furry friend join you. Set down a pet bowl full of their favourite treats - and don't forget to bring a couple of yours!