Purple Pansy, Indian Sponge And The Pink Hearts Teapot

We’re really sorry that some of our new pieces have been delayed and weren’t available to buy this week. 

The good news is that the Indian Sponge 1 ½ Pint and Purple Pansy 4 Mug Teapot will be launching on Monday 5th March, and the Purple Pansy 6 Pint Jug on Monday 12th March. 

However, due to a number of production issues we have decided to stop making the Purple Pansy Gallon Teapot for the moment while we resolve the production and will therefore have a small number of firsts and seconds to sell to Collectors via the Members Page on Monday 5th March. 

Removing something from a launch is not a decision we take lightly, especially when it’s a piece that we, and our customers, really love, but unfortunately this teapot has proven very difficult to make. 

The Collectors only Pink Hearts 1 Mug Teapot will be relaunching on Monday 12th March.