How I live now: Coping with a new reality

Margaret and I are adapting; this morning we found a small village shop which admitted one person at a time only, but at least there wasn’t a queue. This evening we will go for a walk in the fields behind our house- probably only for half an hour as we are both fairly lazy. In between we’ve worked at our desks, me writing letters- mostly emails so far, but I am also planning some old fashioned pen and paper correspondence. She is working towards her final university exams- I feel so sorry for her, and for all students taking and trying to take exams this summer- it’s a difficult and frustrating way to finish an educational chapter.

Happily, we both enjoy the same films ( lots of old favourites) and so I’m finding that I really really look forward to lighting the fire at about 7 and getting out my sewing.

If you’d like to see, I’ll happily show you my latest quilt- it’s for one of my nieces- and I’d really love to know how everyone is coping- and any useful tips, or surprises, or creative projects...

Lots of love to everyone,