Emma loves…Market Towns

I love English market towns. I recently recorded a podcast where I was asked to think of some things (they could be actual or conceptual, fictional, or very real- anything!) which I feel don't get all the appreciation they deserve. One of my 6 choices was market towns. I cited as a key example Royston in Hertfordshire, as it is near the village where I grew up and I loved expeditions to the market to spend my pocket money. With the rosy tint of hindsight my memories of a butcher with sawdust on the floor and a till-lady in a mahogany box, a thrilling toy shop, stars and crescents of bedding plants near the church and a bakery for doughnuts and iced buns- it all seems as if I dreamed it after looking at Ladybird books from the 1960s. Maybe I did. But because I loved  Royston as a child I have always approached all market towns in high hopes ever since, and whilst some are obviously struggling, (I think that the demise of Woolworths was a wounding blow to many a market square), there is always lots to love, so don't always stream past on the by-pass, instead make sure that sometimes you turn off to inspect the treasures in the local museum, find a surprising ancient tomb in the parish church - and support the local bakery!

Our new Market Towns range captures this affection, and I hope you agree that it makes one think fondly of a quintessential local town, with quirky local shops and the bustle of shoppers.

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